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At Gracie Barra Liverpool, we are proud to introduce the Women in Charge Program – a month of empowering women, through realistic self-defense techniques. During the month of March, all women/girls (new clients) can train at our gym completely free of charge and also have the opportunity to join free, women’s self defense classes. Our self-defense classes are designed to teach women the practical, physical and mental skills to get out of situations where they feel vulnerable or threatened. Our instructors will help you build your confidence, as well as the techniques needed to properly defend yourself.

Jiu-jitsu is an incredibly effective form of self-defense for women of all ages. It is more than just a martial art; it helps to build a sense of strength, community, and resilience while providing practical techniques to protect yourself. Through jiu-jitsu, women can gain the confidence needed to defend themselves in any situation.

Jiu-jitsu can help to strengthen your body, boost your confidence, and provide a sense of security. By joining the Women in Charge Program, you’ll have the opportunity to join an empowering and supportive community while learning valuable self-defense techniques. Come join us during the month of March and take charge of your safety with the Women in Charge Program at Gracie Barra Liverpool.

Don’t wait to take charge of your safety – join the Women in Charge Program at Gracie Barra Liverpool and gain the confidence and skills needed to defend yourself in any situation. See you on the mat!